Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid's Methodology for Change

I have never claimed to lay out a detailed plan and methodology to save the world, and then conquer it too. I am simply saying that those who do, and then invite everyone to join them, and then say that those who don't are sinful, are wrong, and must be told they are wrong, just like I have spoken out many times against the US and UK, I will speak out against these guys too.

Which order I do it in is a matter of tactics, and I am sure you are not going to try and prove that even my tactics are now Kufr Buwaha aswell??

AS for intellectual revival, (and keeping aside tactical decisions and dogmatic principles) without writing a dissertation on it, I will say that everything you know about how to achieve revival from HT, is enough detail to use with these ideas instead. So I don't actually need to elaborate any further, unless you are saying that HT's ideas for revival are vague? So for example, the need for a political consesus in Muslim lands and to change ideas in society, however you do that with HT, you can do with these ideas too.

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