Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid on Husni Mubarak

Husni, it comes down to whether he is a valid ruler ruling by sin and oppression, or an invalid ruler.

It's strange that you ask whether he has a Shubhat Dalil for torturing people. This is only ever going to be oppression anyway, torturing people is not Kufr Buwaha, by HT's own ideas because it is not a matter of rule, but a mater of executive decision. Like when Hajjaj bin Yusuf was tyrannical. So I ask you brother, please move away from emotional examples, and you will soon see that most of what you are saying is Kufr, is actually simply something that you are angry about becuase it is a wrong.

So it all comes down to whether Hosni is on Kufr Buwaha or not, not on whether he is tyrannical by allowing torture (which is not kufr - and is definately not instituted by law in Egypt anyway - which HT would require for it to be Kufr). So is Husni on Kufr? For this refer to the principles in Question 1. I for one, cannot see where the Kufr Buwaha is.

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