Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid on the Regimes of the Muslim world

My view is that incompetent governance lead to subservience of western powers which combined lead to Islamist hotheadism which lead the elite thinking "we can't let these guys get into power, they're nutbags...and so they took away Freedoms and relied more on colonial powers to keep them out, and that lead to the rise of the Islamist hotheadists even more....till today

you are assuming the regime is sincere to the muslims. i do not think it was a mistake but a diliberate attempt by the regimes with the help of the west to brutalise the muslims.
toppled pyramids understanding of the reality is dillusional.

Mate...Only people who cannot discuss resort to personal assaults...dillusional I may be but,
1) Regimes aren't sincere or insincere, they cannot speak!
2) Regimes don't make deliberate attempts to do anything, they are not human.


Abu Saif Ullah Khan said...

funny how you choose to remain silent about ur identity.. Obviously not confident enough to tell people who you are, because you know they will pursue you intellectually in person as oppossed to constantly blogging into oblivion..

Your posts are confident, by they underpin an inner schism, which clearly manifests in anonymous nature of all ur posts!!

Anonymous said...

the only pyramid that has been toppled is maajid nawaz. mate, DOWN FOR THE COUNT! a pyramid made from paper it seems? or no wait, even worse - WEAK THOUGHTS!
may allah guide him. ameen

Anonymous said...

Your views as reported in today's Sunday Telegraph and the Observer say it all really. May Allah (swt) guide you. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

ameen thummah ameen! mnawaz who woulda thought. how the tables and screws in the head turn! subhan allah! may alalh guide u akhi!