Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid on Assad of Syria

So any ruler who is a Muslim is legitimate according to classical scholars.

Therefore, to evaluate whether the ruler in any one land is/was a Muslim, we turn to the scholars of that land who understand Islam and their reality better than we do. So, I assume a ruler is a Muslim until proven otherwise by the scholars of his land.

Specifically, therefore, until I see the Takfir of Ghaddafi from the scholars of his land, or the Takfir of any ruler from the scholars of his land, then I do not make such Takfir just because some politically motivated people do so. An example of this is Shaykh Ramadan al-Buti's and Syrian Ulema's lack of Takfir on the Syrian leader Bashar Asad.

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Ilove said...

Ramadan Bouti is the same person who led the janaza for Hafez Al asad.

It is strange that you make no effort to actually see the reality of such so-called "Ulema". They are there precisely because they don't question the elite i.e the Alawis in Syria.

So ofcourse Bouti isn't going to say anything about the rulers in Syria being Kuffar, he works for them!

Much like you when you did not say anything about the silly things that were being done by "ht" of which there are many. Remember you were uo there you were married

Please don't replace the awe that blinded you from the truth with "ht" with an equally blinding "awe" of people who carry titles such as "sheikh".