Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid - "whatever works...not a textual discussion"

It is with such discussions that the point (often repeated) becomes clear, that it is all about choosing what works, and is thus all Madaniyyah and not set and fixed by the clearly Islam didn't set any electoral system, nor did it even oblige elections per se, as the bay'ah process was more akin to an electoral college where certain tribal leaders simply selected from amongst themselves (or in Umars [ra] case, appointed) who the leader would be. The modern interpretation of that as providing an "Islamic" system of elections is clearly constructed because the bayah wasn't elections but a selection and/or appointment. This process changed with each one of the first four successors (khulafa) to the Prophet (saw), and thus isn't fixed, but is based on what the best thing to do was.

Thus there is an Ijma, that the correct thing to do is to actually adopt whatever works! Islam provides no clear guidance on whether appointment, selection, or elections are preferred (and ALL can be and have been construed as Bayah), and if elections are the preferred contruct, it definately gives no guidance on how those elections should proceed. Thus, it is all about what works politically, and is not a textual discussion at all.

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Mohammed said...

You did not appose HT in the Newsnight interview.

You opposed Islam. You opposed the liberation of Muslim land by attacking the idea that Israel should be removed, you attacked the implementation of Islam in the societal affairs of the Muslims and defended democratic turkey! The biggest shame is that you lied about being consistent with traditional Islam. Which one are you referring to, the ‘Ismaeeli traditional Islam’?

This is not surprising since Ed Hussain whose book you helped put together became a Murtad by the following statement:

‘Religions are not for governments or states, they are for individuals. The state can assist individuals religious responsibilities, but governments cannot, should not, profess faith’.

Many traitors have been recruited to divert the Muslims but Alhamdullah the call for Islam is growing and nothing you or other traitors such as ED, Rashad Ali etc do will halt the progress of Islam.

Now that you have re-evaluated your position, you can now revert to your girl friends and your agnostic state, one that you so proudly expounded on Newsnight.

Finally, I am sure the state of Israel and mosad will be in touch with you in the near future given you statements about Israel.