Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid on Islamism

Are Islamists a greater danger or the US?

I think that the Islamists would rule with the iron fist domestically and foreign policy, IF in power (as is in their literature), and the US is ruling with the iron fist in foreign policy already.

Things aren't so black and white to say who is a greater danger, both are a grave danger, and both need to be addressed.

Islamists, though, seem to me to be a greater danger to the theological Islamic understanding, the danger from within, and that needs to be addressed.

Why am I focusing on HT? I am not, I am focussing on Islamists as part of my strategy to re-claim Islam. However, I am sure you would agree that HT are the most articulate of Islamists and the better versed in their ideology. So i will start at the the top.

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Anonymous said...

IF this is a genuine quote then the guy has lost the plot!