Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid - is Allah the Legislator?

2) Allah is the legislator (Shari'). Again, not mentioned in any one Ayah nor Hadith. The term is a modern Bid'ah added to the Aqidah without any evidence! Al-Hakim means judge, or ruler, not legislator, and the two terms are not synonymous; Allah (swt) is the ruler oiof the heavens and Earth regardless of whether man "legislates" or doesn't.

In fact, legislator (Shari') and legislation (Tashrii')are again modern political terms which only came about once the state assumed a legal personality in Europe.


Anonymous said...

Toppled mind is more accurate

Anonymous said...

it seems like you enjoy playing with words but not to keen on reality of what is being said.

Allah is the ruler, hakim, or legislator. All is being said in reality is that what ever we do we must refer to Allah's guidance, whether in ibadat or muamalat. And that includes politics and laws.

let's not confuse others by playing with words.

Your confused get some help. call me if you need help before you turn away from the deen by playing with words.