Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid - Democracy

One may ask, what of the Democratic system that allows man to legislate? I say: "legislation" (tashrii') is not an Islamic term, it is a western political term, it means "the action of choosing what to adopt as law in society". By this meaning, man "legislates" even in the "Islamic" state of Nabhani (rh), who admits that this adopting of laws is entirely up to man to decide whether to do or not, and it is preferable not to do it (See intro. to constitution) Hence, by granting man the right to adopt or not adopt law, he grants man the right to "legislate". The term means nothing but that. If anyone wishes to bring another meaning to the term (as Nabhani [rh] did), then the bare minimum they must accept is that it is not a Qati'i term, but is subject to how they understand politics. Thus, how can it be a matter of Aqidah?? It is not even a religious term in the first place!

Thus, in answer to your question: those who believe that Islam is a Din (religion) revealed to guide the individual in his conduct and believe that Allah (swt) guides the ruler in his capacity as an individual, but doesn't fix a "system" for him, just like He(swt) doesn't fix a system for the manager of a hospital, they don't believe in anything strange. The strange thing is those who innovate modern innovations into the Aqidah without even one Ayah, or one Hadith!!!

However, today, and after years of Islamist bullying of this Ummah, met with Secularist savagery that only further reinforced puritanism in the Islamist bullies, we are the ones perceived by them as strange. But finally Allah (swt) has upon us us the tools to be able to address Islamist bullies on their own terms....wa tuuba lil ghuraba! (and blessed are the strangers!)

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