Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Toppled Pyramid's Identity Crisis

toppled pyramid you seem to be having a discussion with yourself. i hope you dont get confused.

by the way please tell me are you majid nawaz in disguise !!!

Could the real Toppled Pyramid please stand up?

Maajid is spelt with a double "A"!

so you are maajid nawaz. why hide behind toppled pyramid ?

I'm SORRY!!! Who's hiding???....The real Maajid Nawaz has been asking to meet members of the WC of HT for a while now, and is also willing to meet and talk openly with any member of HT...He believes that ideas should be matched with ideas, and thought should give way to stronger thought. He is also just about to release his first written piece explaining why he left HT...If you would like to meet him I suggest you leave your email because he would be very keen to meet YOU and anyone else that feels that they have something to contribute about HT's ideas.

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